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C1 (7.5 tonne) test pass FIRST TIME

Lisa Templeman came to Truck School to gain her 7.5 tonne driving licence. She runs a catering company and needs to transport cooking equipment to and from site for her catering. Lisa had the option to take her test in a 5 tonne van with another driving school. Although this seems easier, the test is exactly the same and she will be driving a lorry style vehicle anyway and so she chose Truck School.

We completed 3 days of full one to one training with Lisa. She was very good from the onset and wanted to learn and so asked lots of questions. After 3 days of training, it was time for day 4... The test!

A nervous Lisa arrived at our site this morning and we completed the reversing manouevre as a last bit of practice. Off onto the road we went and we headed in towards the test centre. For some reason, roundabouts were a little bit of an issue, so we practiced these a little more. Arriving at the test centre with around 10 minutes to go before it started.

Off went Lisa on the test and she returned after what seemed like no time at all. However, she had completed all of the elements of the test and the examiner thought it good enough to issue a pass certificate.

So a FIRST TIME pass for Lisa... Well done!


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