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Ashley passed his class 1 FIRST TIME

Ashley Hawkins came to us around a year ago for his class 2 HGV licence. He passed that and now decided that it was time to upgrade to the bigger class 1 HGV licence.

Ashley has been training all week with our female HGV instructor, Carlie. The reverse and uncouple, re couple procedure were a breeze for Ashley and although he got close to our cones on occasion, he never actually hit any of them!

Test day was looming and Ashley was his normal calm self. No need to panic. Just 2 minor faults and a FIRST TIME test pass later, we got a message in the office that simply read 'CHICKEN DINNER'.

So winner winner, chicken dinner is the phrase of the week. Well done Ash.

#FemaleLorryDriver #HGVtraining

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