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John wood passes class 2 in Kingswood

John wood took and passed his HGV class 2 test this morning in the Kingswood test centre.

John took the route of funding his HGV course through student finance and a customer service course. This means that not only does John now have a class 2 driving licence but he also has a Btec level 3 diploma in customer service.

John was really quite nervous this morning. A 6am start was planned and our trainer arrived at the yard at 5.45am. John was already there!!

Following the reverse and several cups of coffee, we set out to Bristol to tackle the multi laned roundabouts and then a little stop and rest before heading into the test centre.

John returned from his driving test to hear the debrief. He only gained 5 driver faults through the test and 3 of those were within seconds of one another. After trying to pull away in neutral, he then tried in 4th gear. Even when he found the right gear, there was a little roll back, so 3 driver faults for one pull away! It's amazing what people do in the test.

Nevertheless, a driving test pass and a telling off from the examiner to relax and choose the right gear. Well done John. Completely deserved.

Mike, our head of Truck School had pre arranged a mini interview with the quarry over the road from our base in Gurney Slade. John went over and is now awaiting his start date to be confirmed as a driver for Morris and Perry! Even better news!!


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