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Oliver passes his Mod 4 CPC with full marks

Oliver Brindley is mid week ont his class 2 driver training but as we were in Bristol, we arranged for him to take his mod 4 CPC test today.

Oliver obviously has passed his Mod 2, case studies test or else, he would not have been able to complete this test today.

On day 1 of his driver training, we started on the Mod 4 practical training and it was clear that Oliver has done a lot of research into this test and was already quite clued up on the process and the questions that could be asked of him. What was new to him was the use of chain tensioners and tentioning bars and he had never even heard of a dolly knot!

That was day 1. Today, we went through all of the possible questions and in the trainers eyes, he was not missing even the smallest of things. His daily walk around checks just needed a little tidying up to make them in a more logical routine but other than that, all was good.

Oliver turned up with the lorry and our trainer to the test centre and he did so well that the examiner awarded him 100%.

This maintains Truck School's 100% FIRST TIME pass rate for this particular test, the Mod 4 CPC test.


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