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Truck School does it again. FIRST TIME class 2 pass

Raymond Ouattara wanted a lorry licence. He called Truck School a few months back to see how we could help him. The funding route was the option that Raymond took, which meant he completed a customer service level 3 diploma under student finance. He passed that and upon completion, he was able to take his HGV medical, his theory and hazard tests and also this week of 4 days practical driver training with the 5th day (today), being his test.

Raymond managed to pass at the first attempt all along the way. However, we were a little worried this morning as test nerves kicked in and there were a few hedges brushed on the way into the test centre!

The reverse was the final thing for Raymond to complete in his test and we were watching in anticipation as he messed up completely!! He started far too close to the boundary line and then had to shunt forwards to get it right again.. Then the back end was not in the box!. No problem, you are allowed to get out to check and then readjust if you need to.. He needed to! But he was still only JUST and JUST in the box at the end of the manoeuvre. A little discussion between him and the examiner and he was given the benefit of the doubt and a pass certificate was handed over.

Well done Raymond. Have fun with the lorry licence but make sure you keep planning ahead to keep it all smooth.


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