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A happy John nails the reverse and passes class 1 FIRST TIME

Truck Schools new artic unit was out this week training John Lynch.

Originally from Liverpool, John moved south and after 2 years down here, he decided to upgrade his class 2 licence to a class 1 artic licence.

After an assessment a couple of weeks ago, John booked his weeks training.

Mike took John out for his training but he found a little difficulty with the reverse. Each day of training and a little progress each day.

The driving side of things was going well but there was just the little problem of getting the reverse right.

Test day looming and John came in for an 8am start. It was straight to the reversing yard to get that bit sorted. Things weren't going too well on that front and John didn't manage to get one reverse right.... Test day nerves??

Only time would tell so off to the test centre they went. Mike looked on from the test centre window and he saw John get the reverse in the box.. -YES!!

Then for the uncouple and recouple. Sorted.

Off for the drive and on returning to the test centre, Mike was unsure about the result. He looked up to the window as John looked down with a thumbs up!!

Well done to Mike and also to John.


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