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Another FIRST TIME pass for Truck School

This week saw the return of Shane Foster for his artic course. Shane passed his class 2 test just a few weeks ago and was so taken by the excellent service offered by Truck School that he thought he would fulfil a long ambition of taking his artic test.

Shane is a recovery driver and so is used to driving larger vehicles but the artic was a completely new thing to him.

There was 3 days of training with our head of Truck School, Mike but due to holidays getting in the way, Jo took Shane out on Friday and he also took Shane to his test today.

Following a reverse in the dark at 6.30am , the light started to appear for the uncouple and re couple procedure. Then into test centre for an 8.45 test.

Shane was quietly nervous as he did so well on his class 2 test that he had something to prove on this one. The examiner came out and the test started. After all the near perfect reverses, Shane did in practice, this one needed a shunt - Typical. Nevertheless, the reverse was completed and they set off on the un couple and recouple procedure. Following that, Shane took the examiner for a ride around Bristol. One of the comments from the examiner during the test was that if Shane looked around and saw that the examiner was asleep, that he should wake him when back at the test centre! The examiner did not fall asleep but this showed how relaxed he was with the driving.

On return to the test centre, the pass certificate was handed over and Shane has a full C+E (class 1) licence coming to him through the post.

Well done to Mike for training to the normal high standard and also well done to Shane for putting up with Mike!!

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