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Neil passes his class 1

A great morning for Truck School. Neil Young drives for Massey Wilcox in Chilcompton, near to Radstock. Neil was sent to Truck School to upgrade his class 2 licence to a class 1 licence as part of the sponsorship deal in Truck School having a Massey Wilcox trailer for the training.

This was not the first attempt for Neil but his driving was so good that we put him straight back in for test after the fail. Unfortunately, Neil struggles with the reverse. However, he seems to manage it every time in the yard for practice. It is just when an examiner stands in front of him that the nerves set in.

This morning, he did the reverse and put it in the box each time with no problem and so you can imagine that we were slightly nervous how he would react under the pressure.

We were watching from the window and he used one shunt forwards... We were still watching as he went back and then a second shunt... Were the nerves going to get him this time? Not a chance... Although he did get a fault for needing the shunts, this is allowed and so he got one minor fault for this. He then went straight on to the uncouple procedure. He clocked one more fault during this but then went on the drive part of the test. Out he went and then there were no faults at all clocked up for the driving test part.

Just 2 faults on the sheet and both of these were marked in the yard.

Well done Neil.

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