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Funfair fanfare for a FIRST TIME PASS

Rob Holden runs Holdens Fun for all fairground rides. He got in touch a few months ago as he wanted to complete his artic lorry test and he had read about the funded route of completing this.

Now, Rob already has his class 2 (Cat C) Licence and he drives large vehicles already. In fact, Rob is allowed to drive articulated lorries already as his job with the funfair allows him to claim the showmans rights.

So Rob enrolled on a Btec Level 3 Diploma in customer service. He completed this 12 week course in record time and as a result, we were able to get him in on the very next course. Rob travelled down from the Midlands each day for his training, which started at 6am! The reverse was a doddle for Rob and he understood the uncouple and re couple procedure already. On to his driving.

As Rob drives the large vehicles, sometimes with 2 trailers behind him, getting used to just one articulated lorry was sometimes a struggle. You'd have thought that it would be easier but when you're so used to doing one thing, when it becomes easier, it is sometimes hard to get out of the routines.

Rob also had to get to grips with our wonderful ZF gearbox. This is a lovely gearbox with 16 forward gears. No problem for Rob as he can also drive an Eton Twin Split with ease!

So, the only issue that Robs instructor, Mike was having, was actually getting Rob up to speed. Normally we have to work on slowing people down but as Rob usually drives the fair ground vehicles, he is used to driving quite slow and this was particularly hard for Mike to help Rob with.

Anyway, with NO faults on the gearbox and only a couple for mirror checks, Rob now has a full cat CE licence and he can put this to use if things slow down with the fairgrounds over winter.

Well Done to Rob, Well done to Kessy, our artic lorry and well done to Magic Mike, our fantastic lorry trainer!

Rob: "Very good motoring school, nice friendly bunch of people, enjoyed every minute driving the Renault Mick was an awesome tutor, well recommended, Belt Up Group have made a happy family environment, well done Josef Harle.

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