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Duncan slam dunks another FIRST TIME Pass

Duncan Pidgeon started his HGV driver training with Truck School over a year ago. He passed his class 2 and also his mod 4 driver CPC with truck School and passed all of this FIRST TIME.

While the iron was hot, Duncan paid up for his class 1 driver training but was struck down in his tracks following a quite nasty motorcycle accident.

After many months of operations and physiotherapy, Duncan got in contact to go for an assessment drive in a car. This was just to see if he could actually drive again.

No one was expecting the next call that came... "I want to complete my HGV Class 1".

WOW. With pins in his ankle and some stitching on his shin replicating a frankestein movie, Duncan turned up, proud as punch in shorts on a sunny day for a first day of training.

A further 3 days and then test and Duncan mastered the ZF gear box in Kessy, our artic lorry and managed to pass his class 1 at his FIRST TIME attempt.

All I can say is congratulations. There is a man with a goal and he won't let anything get in his way of a target.

Best of luck Mate!!! You deserve this.

Duncan: "I have wanted to change my career path for a long time now, and with the help of Truck School, I've passed my LGV Class 1 and 2 thanks to Jo and Mike. Great guys, who give clear concise instructions to support you learning to drive the big trucks. They're also helping me to get a driving job too. I'd recommend them to anyone and everyone. Thanks again guys!!

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