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FIRST TIME Mod 4 cpc pass

Chris Porter. This is a name that has popped up on our blog quite a few times recently!

Chris works for Sparks Transport in Glastonbury. He and his brother took their class 2 tests with us around 3 or 4 weeks ago. Both passing FIRST TIME.

Then we had their Mod 4 CPC tests booked but Chris' licence had not come back after his class 2 test so he missed out on his test. His brother, Mikey, passed his FIRST TIME.

Then, just last week, Chris was out in the artic for his class 1 course. After passing that FIRST TIME, we managed to find him an alternative Mod 4 cpc test.

Due to some other things going on, we had to arrange to meet Chris in at the test centre. We did a little refresher training from the previous week and then it was his time to go.

Truck School are proud to have a 100% FIRST TIME pass rate with the Driver CPC Mod 4 test. No pressure then.... Of course not, Chris passed with a huge score of 95%.

Well done to Chris and everyone involved with his training.

All Chris needs to do now is wait for his digital tachograph card and he can get out of the warehouse and on the road!


Chris - "What can I say? It has been a blast. Fun training, First time passes and hopefully a nice new career at the end of it. I will be recommending Truck School to any one needing their lorry tests."

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