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Both training lorries out all week

This week has been a bit of a busy one. Both lorries out on training and a new trailer for the artic. The car and trailer went out too so it was all hands on deck to get everything done.

I can't mention the company who is sponsoring us with the trailer as we want to do a bit of a press release and so the logo has been removed from the picture. This is it's first outing though with Mike in the training seat. In true Mike style, he trains what all lorry drivers should know - The location of the tea vans!

Sean was out in Bessy, our 18 tonne rigid lorry. He was training John, who is doing a course under finance options through the 24+ advanced learning Loans. John completed a customer service course with us and as a result, has had his lorry driver training. A first time out for John in anything bigger than a transit style van. The confidence was high and so were the kerb lines! After hitting several kerbs on his first day of training, John was finally starting to master the size of the lorry. Tomorrow, it's into Bristol to play with some traffic!

With some Bristol traffic behind them, it was soon time for tests. A busy week for all and we even managed to maintain out 100% pass rate for mod 4 CPC.

Off to another week of business next week. Again, both lorries are out with a car and trailer course booked too. Best get the lorries clean over the weekend!!

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