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FIRST TIME for the artic

Chris Porter passed his artic lorry test this morning in Bristol Kingswood. Chris works for Sparks transport in Glastonbury and they have put him through his driver training with Truck School to help him get out of the warehouse and onto the road.

Chris passed his class 2 with Truck School just 3 weeks ago and his brother passed with us too. These were FIRST TIME tests. You'll also see that Chris' brother, Mike passed his Mod 4 driver CPC with Truck School just last week.

We had a little issue as Chris was supposed to do his mod 4 test but he did not have his driving licence back following his test pass. We were struggling to get the artic course booked as his licence had not been updated.

Unfortunately, the Mod 4 CPC was postponed but Chris got his licence back just in time to confirm the driving course and the booked test.

Chris came in for a quick demonstration drive by Mike and then got his hands on the steering wheel and his driver training started. 5 days later, the test started at 8.40am. The reversing exercise literally flew into the bay at the test centre and the drive started. Once back from the drive, Chris had to uncouple the trailer and then re couple up going through the set routine to show safety and competence.

Only 3 minor faults throughout the whole test and a full HGV Class 1 driving licence later, Chris is almost ready to drive.

With his Mod 4 test now booked for this week, we are hoping for a full 100% FIRST TIME pass rate for Chris.

Chris - "I am really chuffed to have passed this test. Truck School train so that things are fun and I have loved every bit of the training and test. I am going away from this with a full artic lorry licence and I am going to be telling everyone to learn with Truck School"

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