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Brett Passes FIRST TIME in Swindon

December 9, 2015

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A week of lorry training in the rain

May 14, 2016

Well what a contrast from last week. We were outside in the sun, playing with lorry signs any yellow line paint. This week is slightly different!

Luckily, we had a gazeebo to shelter under while we trained for the Mod 4 driver CPC test. Both Mike and Chris Porter, who passed their class 2 with us just a couple of weeks ago were in for their CPC training. We also had Katie from A&L Haulage in as she passed her CPC case studies on Monday, she just needed to get through this part to make her licence completely valid for her work in the haulage industry. Along with normal daily walk around checks, the Mod 4 CPC test makes sure drivers get to grips with load security with the use of Webbing Straps, Chains and Chain tension, Load tension bars and of course, who could forget the ropes for roping and sheeting. Here, you can see both Sean and Katie getting to grips with the dolly knot and Chris was having a go too.

 Mike does a little bit of training too.

 Also in the rain, Elaine, who is an integral part of the team, was organising her house move. A busy week all round. Mike put himself forward for the task of becoming removal lorry driver for the day and so he had to empty out the lorry following the 2 Mod 4 CPC passes. Yes, you heard it.. 2 x Mod 4 passes. Both were FIRST TIME and both passed with 100% score. Here is Sean taking some of the credit for the training even though he really only learnt the dolly knot during the training himself!!



The week ended on a good note, finally in the sun with a pass in the artic. Matt Needham took his class 1 test under our funded route and passed with just 4 minor faults. A pretty nifty drive and a well deserved test pass too!


All in all, a good week in the rain and sun. Long may the successes continue and lets look to the future for more passes and more people getting on the road with Truck School.

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