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Get the HGV Reversing yard ready

Now that the summer is pretty much here, we thought it was time to update the reversing yard with new yellow lines. As the sun was out, we also decided to give our two lorries a little Truck School livery.

We have been delivering HGV driver training out of our site in Paulton, near to Bristol for a reasonable time now. The reversing yard we have is dedicated for our use only. This means that when our HGV trainee drivers come to Truck School for their HGV driver training, the reversing yard is theirs to use throughout their training course. Some training schools share a reversing yard, which is all well and good but there can only be one lorry on the reversing area at once. This would mean lots of delays, eating into the trainees booked time.

With the sun out, the tape measure also came out and yellow paint was purchased. A quick sweep up from our tech, Josh, and we were ready to mark out the area once more

We now have a really bright and cheery reversing yard, all marked out for the first course booked in for this week. Oh, the trainees are really spoilt with us!!

Not only was the reversing yard spruced up but Elaine and Mike got their hands on some Truck School L plates to go on the front bonnets of our artic unit and our rigid lorry.

Very soon, we are going to have a new sponsor, supplying us with a lovely artic trailer for our class 1 driver training courses. We thought it might be a good idea to make the unit look a little more 'the part'.

Again, with the sun blazing down on us, we got the tape measure and step ladders out to get the signage put on.

Up a bit, down a bit, left a bit and right a bit. Several long moments standing back to check alignment and wham! On go the stickers. I must say that simple as they are, they make the Truck School lorries fit in a little more into the driver training work that they do.

Not everyone was having fun in the sun. We still had several people sign up to the Government Funded HGV training course. So inside, there was lots of paperwork flying around the office. Potential HGV drivers can sign up to a customer service Level 3 diploma and fund that through student finance. The change left over from that student finance is turned around and Belt Up School of Motoring's Truck School will put the drivers through Class 2 training. This will include the HGV Drivers medical, the theory and hazard perception test and also a training course in the lorry with a practical test at the end.

For drivers who already have their class 2, they can use the HGV funding to upgrade their class 2 licence to a class 1 licence. The same customer service course is completed and the student finance will support the drivers in gaining their class 1 through a 5 day training course with the test at the end.

Both ways are completed without the driver handing over any cash. They will only ever pay for the student finance if they earn over £21k per year and even then, the payments start from just £7.50 per month.

Not a bad way of financing your HGV licence eh?

Let's see what next week brings with sun, rain, snow etc. Keep truckin.

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