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A lovely drive out in the artic

What shall I do with my bank holiday?

I know... I'll take the artic out for a little spin. Now, Our instructor, Mike, does not like it when I get near to the artic. He's a little protective of our Kessy but while the cat's away, the mice will... well you know... So I arrive at the yard and it's all quiet.. Start up the artic and wait for the air to build. As soon as she's ship shape, I took her out of the yard thinking all of the time.. What will Mike say??

On I go. Out of the yard and turn right towards Farrington Gurney. I master the double bend and all of the time hoping that I will soon get used to the ZF gearbox. Mike will not be impressed if I return to the yard having damaged the gearbox on her.. Along to the traffic calming and here's my first stop in traffic... A little gear crunch, but we get going nicely. Along to the traffic lights and I naturally take up a good position readt to turn left towards Wells and Shepton Mallet. I think this driving lark is coming back to me.. Out I go and I settle in nicely to the drive and the unit. Passing through Ston Easton and heading towards Shepton, I decide to take things a little further and head out into Shepton to turn towards Frome. This is a lovely road. Used by the tippers quite a lot as it passes by the quarries. Negotiating the roundabouts and heading around the Frome Bypass, I find myself in need of a photo opportunity in a lay by.. Just to prove to Mike that I can do it!!

Off I go again, out on the Bath road. Some of the roads got a little tight but I am settling into it quite nicely now and gear crunches are almost a thing of the past.

Into Bath and now things get interesting. Traffic, traffic lights, cyclists and pedestrians... All taken within my stride and I take Bessy cleanly through the town and head out back towards Radstock.

I'm really enjoying the drive now and I'm planning my little trick on Mike. Around the double roundabouts in Radstock and who should be heading my way... Mike.. His face was a picture. Almost like - How DARE you.... What do you think you are doing???... Hilarious!!

Back to the yard and, even if I do say so myself, a nice tidy reverse into the parking position.

So I'm parked up and I get a message from Mike "What are you doing in MY Lorry". I didn't reply!!

I think I am going to get it in the neck tomorrow morning. Hey ho.. Bring it on!!!

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