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A FIRST TIME pass for Tomasz

Tomas Nosek called Truck school in a bit of desperation.. He had taken his cat C test with another training school and failed. He wanted to know the earliest we could get him in for. Well, we aren't the type of training school to mess around and so we managed to get him in the very next week. As Tomasz had previously taken a test, we took it at face value that his driving would be of suitable standard. After all, he told us he only failed on the reverse.. He forgot to tell us that after the reverse, he didn't actually go out on the road for his test! Anyway, there was a little getting used to the size of the vehicle as he smashed a mirror on the way in to Bristol, but our female trainer SUPER CARLIE came to the rescue with a replacement and the test went out. Just a walk in the park for Tomasz as he flew the test and is now the holder of a full cat C driving licence. Now all he needs is his Mod 4 CPC and an artic course and he can get out on the road with the big boys! Well done.

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