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This is the complete package you will need to get on the road as a class 1 HGV driver. We will help and assist you all the way throught he process with our team in the Truck School office of fully trained personnel. Your done for you package will include;

  1. Practical driver training - We train for 4 full days of around 6 hours per day. We train 1:1 and so your booked driving time will be solely your driving time. We will train you how to reverse the lorry within test parameters. You will go through the full on couple and re couple procedure so that you are fully prepared for your test. Of course there is also time spent on pracitcing how to drive the lorry safely on the road, preparing you for the test on day 5.
  2. Practical driving test - Put all of your practice into place as you take your time to show the examiner all that you have learnt.
  3. Truck School roulette - If youre worried about passing the driving test first time, worry no more. If you are unsuccessful at the first attempt of your driving test, we will put you in for the very next available test at no extra cost to yourself. This will take the pressure off you, however, we all really want you to pass the test FIRST TIME so as part of the gamble, if you do pass the practical test FIRST TIME, we will give you back a bonus of one of the latest models of Truck Sat Nav. That'll help you in your new career!
  4. Truck School Next Steps - Once you have passed, you'll be ready for a new job. Do you have a CV? Is it up to date? Our Next Steps manager will work with you to produce an up to date professional CV and covering letter to help you upload it to job sites and get your new skills out there for employers to see.

Full Cat C+E Steps (Class 1) Done for you complete package

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