What are the categories?
The minibus sized vehicle is classed by the number of seats. This is 9 - 16 passenger seats. This is called D1 and is followed by the full Bus class. The Bus class is called the D category and will allow you to drive any bus regardless of the number of seats.
As a company, we recommend that you start with the Bus category (D) as all the criteria is the same for the D category as it is for the smaller D1 minibus.
For those who are new drivers just so you understand the order. You will need first...



PCV Information

- LGV Medical, to apply for the provisional entitlement to be added to your licence. We use a company called driversmedicals.com.
 - Then you need to do your theory, hazard perception and case studies tests, which you take at the same test centre, once you have these qualifications, you can then book a practical driving course. 
A bus (cat D) practical driving course entails 3 days of practical driving followed by a practical test on day 4.
At this point, to be paid as a PCV driver, you need to complete a MOD 4 CPC Qualification.
This is carried out at the Practical Test Centre, using the cat D bus. This involves half a days training followed by a test which is basically the drivers daily vehicle checks.